Those little buggers LOVE OUR SWEAT AND BREATH!

Mosquitos in Dubai are smart. They wait until you’re almost asleep and then attack in waves. Right at the moment when you’re about to doze off.

It’s then that you hear that buzz.

It comes and goes like a torture instrument designed to send you crazy. Trying to remain positive during these kamikaze attacks I think they were designed to teach us mental toughness.

Mosquitos are attracted to the chemical octenol which is found in our breath and sweat. They’re also attracted to the heat that surrounds our bodies in the hot UAE environment. These blood suckers can travel 3km a day and have been responsible for spreading diseases around the world.

And did you know it’s only the female mosquito that bites. They need blood to fuel themselves before laying their eggs.

Stopping them from attacking us is a full time pursuit. There is no guarantee of victory over these flying torture devices. Of course mosquito repellent is an option but those chemicals can be harsh on your skin. The only advice we can give is to hold your breath, don’t sweat and don’t increase your body temperature!Sounds feasible, right?